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 Clan Role-Play Rules

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PostSubject: Clan Role-Play Rules   Clan Role-Play Rules EmptyFri May 11, 2012 12:06 pm

LCL Role-Playing Rules
(Police Officers are subject to additional rules not included in this list)

©2011-2012. This information is not allowed to be reproduced without the consent of LCL. All Rights Reserved.


The purpose of being a member of LCL is to role-play. Because of this fact, there are particular rules and standards you are expected to follow. Violations of these rules are addressed on a case-by-case basis. Police officers must follow the same set of rules, minus portions that discuss purchasing vehicles and weapons.

1. Create a Character

Create a character who you will play as during games. This character has to have a specific GTA IV avatar you will play as during LCL games. Your character will have a name and various specific personality attributes. It is essential that your character has a job and a set career path. You will need to purchase a home and select a place of work. Don't heitate to look through the Job Listings on the clan forum site for open employment opportunities. Of course, you can always start your own business, so long as it doesn't interfere with the clan's well being. You may purchase vehicles and weapons, but you are not allowed to use vehicles and weapons that you have not purchased.

2. Stay In Character

You will play as your character during games. You are not allowed to engage in any behavior that is obviously very unrealistic. Of course, you are allowed to get into police chases or shootouts, but no more than one major event per game is permitted. Avoid referring to other players by their gamertags. Metagaming (the use of out of character information) is prohibited in most situations. You are, for instance, allowed to metagame by looking at your map to find other players on your team. However, most things apart from this are not allowed.

3. Do not Ruin Games for Other Players

As you will be joining a community full of people who just want to have fun, you must always respect their wishes and freedoms. You are not allowed to swear or otherwise offend members of LCL, whether or not you are in an LCL game! We expect that you are able to use common courtesy during games and that you will be polite at all times. Part of this courtesy is remaining relatively quiet during role-plays. You should not be talking over the game's chat channel about things that are unimportant or unrelated to the game. Any conversations limited to one person should be carried out in phone calls (including conversations with police officers).

4. Work Towards the Betterment of the Community

Everyone is expected to do things that will ultimately be what's best for Liberty City Life. This is because a stronger, better role-play community will always mean that you will have more fun!

5. Listen to the Clan's Staff Members

We run the clan so you don't have to! The staff members put an inconceivable amount of effort into the clan (including money and valuable time that could be spent studying or meeting girls). It is important that you always follow directions so that the clan can continue to operate smoothly.

6. Have Fun!

It is always important to us that you enjoy yourself.
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Clan Role-Play Rules
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