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 How to Join LCL

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the Fonz 1127
the Fonz 1127

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How to Join LCL Empty
PostSubject: How to Join LCL   How to Join LCL EmptyFri May 11, 2012 12:59 pm

How to join LCL:

1. Sign up on the forums (click the register button at the top of the page). Make your username exactly the same as your XBL gamertag.

2. Fill out an application. Click here.

3. Wait for a response on the status of your application. An email shall be sent to the address specified at forum registration. The application status will be one of the following:

-Pending. This means that you were accepted, but you may not be able to attend clan events yet. This would most likely indicate that the clan is over its maximum capacity of member space (approximately 100 people)

Do not send more than one application at a time! If you are declined, please wait at least one week before sending a new application.

4. Wait for a training session. Training sessions are usually private games with only you and members of the clan staff. The purpose is to determine how knowledgeable you are of role-playing. Training sessions do not take up a large amount of time.
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How to Join LCL
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